A Virtual Tour of What's Blooming and Growing Right Now

Monday, August 12, 2019

The 155-acre Woodman Horticultural Research Farm focuses on the research, teaching, and outreach on the production of horticultural and ornamental crops. Research projects include Integrated Pest Management (reduce dependence on pesticide applications), pollinator habitat assessment, using high tunnels to hasten and extend the growing season for fruits and vegetables, using reflective plastic mulches to increase per-acre yields of vegetables, evaluating seedless table grape and eggplant varieties, breeding organic strawberries, redomesticating quinoa in New Hampshire, and leading the most expansive kiwiberry breeding research project in the nation.

Part of the farm is wooded and used for research and teaching in areas such as forestry, wildlife biology, entomology and water quality. It also contains the equestrian cross country course. The farm hosts many visitors each year, and it is a frequent site of outreach programs for our agricultural initiatives.