Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Stephen Pimpare, senior lecturer of American politics and public policy, joined the Future Hindsight podcast last week to discuss the history, indignities and misconceptions of poverty and the public policies that can positively influence our future.

Pimpare is a nationally recognized expert on poverty, homelessness and U.S. social policy. His book A People's History of Poverty in America received the Michael Harrington Award from the American Political Science Association “for demonstrating how scholarship can be used in the struggle for a better world," and his latest book, Ghettos, Tramps, and Welfare Queens: Down & Out on the Silver Screen, is a history of poverty and homelessness in films.

Hosted by Mila Atmos, the Future Hindsight podcast centers on civic engagement through conversations with experts, activists and every day citizens. LISTEN TO PIMPARE'S INTERVIEW HERE