Wednesday, March 27, 2019
Interview for Internship

There are officially 50 days until graduation. Fifty. In celebration, we have 50 reasons why you should stop by the Career and Professional Success (CaPS) office. Whether you're getting your diploma in May or just starting out your college career, the CaPS team is here to help prepare you for your future.

  1. We can help you explore and search for job and internship opportunities.
  2. We can help you write a cover letter that tells a story.
  3. After a meeting with us, your resume will have never looked better!
  4. We will teach you how to use Handshake and other helpful resources.
  5. You can learn the value of and how to conduct an informational interview.
  6. You can find out where your values and interests lie.
  7. We can help you make professional connections.
  8. You can discover your most valuable and marketable skills and we’ll help you articulate them.
  9. You can find out what the typical hiring process is for your field of choice.
  10. We can inform you of upcoming recruiting events and job fairs.
  11. You can volunteer to have your picture taken at your internship or job for our website.
  12. You can get help with your “elevator pitch.” 
  13. You can learn what an elevator pitch is!
  14. We are excellent listeners.
  15. We can help you research volunteer opportunities in the Manchester area and beyond.
  16. We tell great jokes.
  17. You can find out what really happens to your resume after you send it in to an employer.
  18. You can get your LinkedIn photo taken.
  19. We will give you advice on your LinkedIn profile.
  20. We know people who know people.
  21. We can teach you how to tie a tie.
  22. You can learn how to build your resume by getting involved on campus.
  23. We can show you how to get connected with UNH alumni in your field of interest.
  24. You can learn the tricks to a successful phone or video interview.
  25. We can teach you how to prepare and make the most of job fairs and recruiting events.
  26. You can find out what comes up when an employer Googles you.
  27. We will make sure you are dressed appropriately for an interview.
  28. You can share your ideas for future events and services. Your recommendations are always welcome.
  29. You can find out what you can really do with your major.
  30. We can introduce you to VMock, our online resume review software.
  31. We can teach you how to successfully network.
  32. You can learn what to say when someone says, “Tell me about yourself.”
  33. We love visitors!
  34. We can help you find an internship to build job experience and actively learn about your career of choice.
  35. You can find opportunities to put classroom theory into professional practice.
  36. You can get connected with Alumni through Wildcat Connections.
  37. We can share the secrets of body language during interviews.
  38. We can take you on employer site visits.
  39. We can teach you how to address the dreaded question, “What are your weaknesses?”
  40. Our mock interviews are not only good practice, but can help cure the pre-interview jitters.
  41. We can record your mock interview to show you how you look to an employer.
  42. We have chocolate!
  43. Our office gets informed of positions that aren’t released to the general public.
  44. You can learn about the events we plan, like our Employer Resume Review Days.
  45. We can help with personal statements and graduate applications.
  46. You can check out our rubber duck collection!
  47. We can help you assess the current job outlook of your field of choice.
  48. You can find out how to negotiate a salary.
  49. We want to celebrate your success.
  50. Our priority is helping you succeed.

Now that you know why you should come see us, make it happen! Stop by the CaPS office (#430 on the fourth floor) or contact us at 603-641-4394 or to make an appointment. We look forward to helping you reach your career goals!