Thursday, October 18, 2018

Like many graduate students, Macuei Mathiang ’18 juggled school and work while pursuing his Master of Science in Information Technology. A recent graduate of the program, Mathiang kept busy this summer with a full-time job as well as an internship to finish out his degree. We caught up with Mathiang to get insight into his experience as a web developer at MCE123, an information technology marketing start-up in Barrington, N.H.

Why did you choose the M.S. IT program at UNH?

I enjoy problem solving and utilizing computing resources, and I saw the M.S. in IT at UNH as an efficient way to boost my computing skills. It offers dynamic technical education and research, which helps students meet the growing market demand for IT professionals. Another reason is that IT jobs are considered among the top well-paying jobs in the U.S. UNH Manchester offers quality education, flexible schedules and evening classes which are convenient for working adults like me—and the students and professors are very friendly.

What did your internship entail and what did you learn there?

As a web developer at MCE123, I worked to enhance the firm’s market planning web application. I learned more about web development technologies and modern software engineering best practices.

How did what you learned in the M.S. IT program prepare you for your internship?

The courses in web development technologies, information security and privacy, network technologies and big data for data engineers helped me develop skills that were very useful in my daily work at MCE123.

Any advice for students considering an internship?

Start looking for internship as early as possible, don’t limit yourself to specific areas, stay connected to right people, and always be ready to learn and master new skills.

What’s the next step for your career?

I hope to find a software engineer or IT-related role at a genuine equal opportunity company in New Hampshire, Massachusetts or a warmer U.S. city. :)