Tools to help identify and reflect your values, interests, and skills for professional success.

Thursday, June 21, 2018
student speaking with employer

Understanding yourself in terms of your interests, what you value, and the skills you possess are some of the most important pieces of identifying and enjoying your career. Your skills, interests and even your values may change as you grow and gain further knowledge and experiences. That’s why checking in periodically to reflect on what you desire professionally is a smart idea. Here are tips and tools to help you do just that:

1. Interests

Not sure what you’re interested in? Think you have too many interests? Have some interests, but you aren’t sure how they’ll translate into a career? If any of the above sounds like you, you’re not alone.

    a) Make an appointment in Handshake to discuss your interests and/or take an Interest Assessment through the Career and Professional Success team.

    b) Try an interest assessment online such as or

Understand that an interest assessment is a tool that provides information. We work with students to unpack the information and guide students forward.

2. Values

Understanding your values can help you determine the most meaningful and purposeful work. Understanding what matters to you also help you to identify work environments that will be most satisfying to you.

Try the free Career Values Assessment:

3. Skills

What are your best skills now? What skills do you want to and need to further develop or gain to be successful in your field?

Use the Skillsprofiler to help identify your current skills: 

Stephanie Banks is the Career Counselor in the St. Martin Career Exploration Office within the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture's Career and Professional Success team. See more tips and tricks from Stephanie and the COLSA team.