COLA senior will teach in the Palestinian territories

Friday, May 4, 2018
UNH student Madison Pierce '18

Madison Pierce '18 will be teaching in the Palestinian territories through a prestigious Fulbright award.

Madison Pierce '18 has spent four years studying Arabic at UNH and abroad, but when she learned she had received a competitive Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to travel to the Palestinian territories, she was, in a word, “humbled.”

“I am thrilled to be combining my love for teaching and my passion for the Arabic language and Middle Eastern cultures through this award,” says Pierce. She describes her Fulbright as “an incredible opportunity for me to not only continue my study of Arabic but to also create cross-cultural connections with Palestinian audiences through the English classes I will be teaching.”

Pierce, who came to UNH from Portland, Maine, and majored in English teaching, explains, “I fell in love with the beautiful campus when I visited, but it was the Arabic language program here that ultimately convinced me that UNH was the right choice for me. The Arabic program has become like family to me."

Pierce has been very involved on campus during her four years at UNH. She’s been a tutor with Seacoast Reads, served as treasurer for the Middle Eastern Cultural Association and worked with several creative writing publications. “The strong, supportive communities in these organizations have helped me learn leadership skills and inspired me to continue pursuing my passion for teaching English literature and traveling to enhance my Arabic language skills,” she says.

"UNH has shown me the limitless possibilities that hard work can make into realities."

A new language isn't the only thing she’s learned at UNH, though.

“UNH has taught me to push past fears or apprehensions and take on every opportunity for learning and self-discovery. I would never have imagined that I would travel to Jordan, present at a research conference or pursue internships around the country and around the world, but UNH has shown me the limitless possibilities that hard work can make into realities,” Pierce says. “Through mentorship from my professors and support from peers, I feel confident moving beyond UNH and taking on whatever challenges and adventures lie ahead.”

After she completes her Fulbright, she hopes to pursue certification in special education.

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