Brown, Montminy lauded for outstanding dedication to students

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Clinical Assistant Professor Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown and Timothy Montminy, both from the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Biomedical Sciences (MCBS), were recently recognized with awards from the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture. Brown received COLSA’s Excellence in Teaching Award and Montminy received the Outstanding Advisor Award.

Brown joined MCBS in 2011 and became a full-time clinical assistant professor in 2014.

“From the beginning it was obvious that, for Stephanie, teaching is something that’s innate,” says Adele Marone, biomedical science program coordinator and medical laboratory science program director.

Clarke’s colleagues credit her with “modernizing and invigorating” significant portions of the MLS curriculum and describe her as an innovator and leader who eagerly adopts new technologies and learning approaches and develops interdisciplinary opportunities that enhance students’ workforce preparedness.

“Her highly commendable teaching accomplishments, outstanding work ethic and infectious positive attitude make Stephanie an outstanding candidate for recognition of her teaching excellence,” says Rick Cote, Distinguished Professor and MCBS faculty chair.

“Stephanie is not only an innate teacher but can teach anything,” says Marone. “[Her] overall record of excellence in teaching, caring about students and devotion to the university community exemplifies someone who exhibits ‘teaching excellence.’”

Prior recipients of the college award include Timothy Montminy, Leslie Curren and Mary Adamo Friedman.

Timothy Montminy

Montminy, a lecturer and medical microbiology option coordinator, advises undergraduate students in two of the options within the biomedical science program: medical microbiology and medical and veterinary science. From his first semester at UNH, Montminy has advised no fewer than 26 students per semester, and in one semester he advised almost 50.

According to Cote, Montminy’s sizeable number of advisees is due in large part to students who request to be re-assigned after hearing of his reputation as an outstanding advisor.

“Tim Montminy goes above and beyond expectations in service of COLSA students,” says Estelle Hrabak, MCBS associate professor. “It is clear that he takes his responsibilities as an advisor very seriously and puts the students first. Even with students that are not his advisees, he is unfailingly patient and helpful.”

In summing up Montminy’s nomination, Cote quotes an advisee who said, “I do not believe there is a professor at UNH who deserves this award more than Timothy Montminy.”

Montminy also received the UNH Excellence in Teaching Award in 2017.

Previous recipients of the college's outstanding advisor award include Jesse Stabile Morrell, Paul Tsang and Theodore Howard.


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    Sarah Schaier | College of Life Sciences and Agriculture