Friday, March 9, 2018
UNH students in downtown Durham, NH

If you are a Wildcat, you know how essential it is to have your UNH photo ID on you at all times. From catching an off-campus bus to getting into your dorm or grabbing food at Wildkitty — you’ll need your ID. There is something linked to that ID called Cat’s Cache. It's a debit account allowing for cashless access to many features on campus and off. Cat’s Cache has no minimum or maximum and makes those quick coffee runs effortless. While Cat’s Cache can be used across campus for laundry, food and more, there are many off-campus locations that take this option, as well. Here are a few in the heart of downtown!

For details about Cat's Cache, click here!


Cat's Cache graphic


—Molly McAndrews '19, UNH Social