Neural Style Representations and the Large-Scale Classification of Artistic Style

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Jeremiah Johnson, assistant professor of data science, presented a paper entitlted 'Neural Style Representations and the Large-Scale Classification of Artistic Style' at the Future Technologies Conference in Vancouver, Canada, in November.

The annual conference is a forum for technology researchers from industry and academia to promote and defend their work. 

Johnson chaired a session on Machine Vision and gave the short interview below on his research on neural networks.

Johnson is a data scientist with a background in mathematics and computer algebra. He is an expert predictive modeler, and conducts research into large-scale machine learning and deep learning.

He instructs courses in mathematics, statistics, and analytics at both the Bachelor and the Master level. Many of the courses Johnson teaches are part of the Analytics Bachelor of Science program at the University of New Hampshire - Manchester, an innovative, forward-thinking program that he designed and implemented.

The Analytics program at UNH Manchester is one of only a handful of Bachelor-level analytics programs in the nation.