Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Joy D Erickson and Beth Fornauf

Congratulations to Joy D. Erickson and Beth Fornauf for getting their article published in The Journal of Early Childhood Literacy!



Autonomous motivation has long been linked to reading achievement in older students and recently has received attention for the role it plays in the achievement of younger children. Given America’s nearly nationwide adoption of the Common Core State Standards (which emphasize skill acquisition), concern over whether and how reading motivation is fostered is warranted. Research indicates that child-centered methods support early reading interest. Furthermore, studies show and self-determination theory maintains that similar constructs (e.g. intrinsic motivation) are enhanced when instruction addresses students’ basic psychological needs. This case study investigated the literacy practices of three primary teachers within a thematic summer camp for struggling readers. Goals included understanding (1) if teachers valued the cultivation of reading motivation, (2) whether they perceived differences in summer and school-year instruction and (3) how dominant practices supported motivation.