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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
UNH's Thompson Hall in winter

January brings a new year and more chances to earn credits. Whether you want to catch up, get ahead or try something new, J-Term provides the opportunity to do so in a condensed timeframe. With classes on campus, online or abroad, there are many options available. Here are some highlights.

The Dead Among Us: Culture and Zombies (HUMA 401)


Interested of the resurgence of zombies in western culture? This introductory humanities course will be offered for the first time ever during J-Term. Through lectures, readings and film analysis, students will learn about the role of zombies in popular culture across time.

“In the past 15 years or so there has been an explosion of zombies in American culture, some have even called it a zombie renaissance. This course will help students think critically about the period of their lifetime — to analyze a major cultural theme that most students have grown up with,” says the instructor, Ann Zimo, assistant professor of humanities.

Students will delve into the history of the fear of the living dead as well as Hollywood’s appropriation of the zombie in the 1930s and the creation of the modern zombie phenomenon.

Discover Cuba (LLC 555)

Online and Abroad

Also in its inaugural year is Discover Cuba, with Spanish professor Lina Lee. This class combines online coursework and a 10-day trip to Cuba, where students will learn about the music, art, architecture, history and culture of the nation while earning fine and performing arts Discovery credits. Participants will stay in Havana and take field trips to places such as Trinidad and Cienfuegos. Students need not speak Spanish to take part.

“Havana is the perfect setting for a meaningful and rewarding cross-cultural learning experience,” says Lee. “While the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba is an evolving one, I’m hoping to continue to run this program in the future on an annual basis.”

The application deadline has passed for 2018, but keep an eye out for information next year if you find the program to be of interest.

Introduction to Puppetry (THDA 583)


“Make puppets in your pajamas!” is the tagline for THDA 583 – Introduction to Puppetry, taught by Carol Fisher, principal lecturer in theatre and dance. In this class, students will make three puppets and explore puppetry through images and videos.

“Each project allows the student a chance to use different types of materials and create their own original solo performance,” says Fisher. “J -Term is a great way to dive right into the course you are taking. In this online puppetry course, you can be really focused on the subject as you create some very colorful characters and develop your performance skills.”

Samantha Corwin ’18 took the course last year and recommends it to others.

“All the materials [to make the puppets] are sent to you, so you don’t even need to worry about going out and buying the correct type of foam or yarn or anything,” says Corwin, who is the current teaching assistant for THDA 583. “It’s great and a lot of fun.”

Top Rope Ice Climbing (KIN 798)

New Hampshire

Get outside this winter in KIN 798 – Spec Top/Rope Ice Climbing. Taught by Nate Fitch, senior lecturer in outdoor education, this course gives students the skills needed to top rope ice climb. The four-day class is brief but intensive. After the first day, students will climb at sites around New Hampshire, depending on the conditions.

“Students will learn technical, leadership, risk management and teaching skills in this course,” Fitch says, adding that it’s “very hands-on and cold!”

Get jazzed for J-Term! Explore the full course listing and sign up soon. Registration is open now. 

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