Tuesday, August 29, 2017

UNH alumna Kathy Stickney ’86 with running medals
Photo: D. Todd Moore, University of Indianapolis

Kathy Stickney ’86 had a goal: Run 26.2 miles in every one of the 50 states. Last October, she attained that goal, finishing the LOCO Marathon in Newmarket, New Hampshire, just a town over from where it all began.

Stickney, who is also an Oyster River High School graduate, was connected to UNH even before her undergraduate years; her father, chemistry professor James Weber, was on the faculty.

She and husband Daniel ’88 live in Indiana, where she is a chemistry professor at the University of Indianapolis. Now part of an elite group of runners who have achieved the feat of a marathon in every state, she says she plans to go back to 12 of those states and aim for even better running times. Read her whole story at Uindy.edu


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Originally published in UNH Magazine Fall 2017 Issue