Monday, December 5, 2016

UNH interim dean of CEPS Charles Zercher

Associate dean Charles “Chuck” Zercher has been named interim dean of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. The associate dean for academic affairs since 2014, he began his new role July 1. Zercher served as chair of the chemistry department from 2010 to 2013. He was awarded the Outstanding Assistant Professor Award in 1996 and was promoted to professor in 2003.

Cari Moorhead, interim dean of the UNH graduate school

Graduate school associate dean Cari Moorhead has been appointed to a one-year term as interim dean, following the July 1 retirement of dean Harry Richards. Moorhead is the longtime associate dean of the graduate school and an affiliate assistant professor in the College of Liberal Arts department of education. 

UNH SMSOE associate director of research Jennifer Miksis-Olds

From the treetops to the ocean deep, new grants will help UNH researchers in their quest to better understand our world. With a contract of $6.5 million from the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, marine acoustician Jennifer Miksis-Olds will “eavesdrop” on the ocean environment. Miksis-Olds, who is the associate director of research for UNH’s School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering, will lead the development of a network of deep-water observatory moorings along the U.S. Atlantic coast.

UNH research professor of microbiology Michael Lesser

In the Caribbean, research professor of microbiology Michael Lesser and a team from UNH will take a literal deep dive into the sponge microbiome; with $2.2 million from the National Science Foundation, they aim to understand how sponges might contribute to the overall health of coral reefs. On land, researchers from the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space received $1.25 from the NSF to explore how the biodiversity of forests might affect climate change. ″


Originally published in UNH Magazine Winter 2017 Issue