What you need to know for Aug. 26-28

Friday, August 19, 2016
UNH's Wild E Cat and Gnarlz during move-in day

With the 2016-2017 academic year set to begin, plans are in place for the student move-in process.

Across the university, staff members have developed proven strategies for managing the experience for students and their families, with the most significant days for this year’s student move-in occuring from Aug. 26 to 28.

Many campus parking lots will be closed to support move-in operations during those days.

UNH Police are urging faculty and staff to be aware of conditions that may impact travel and parking and that could result in cars being towed if they are left in lots that are designated as “closed” during the peak move-in days.

Specific details for each day are included below.


Parking Lots Closed Midnight to 4 pm: A-lot, B-Lot, D-lot, E-Lot, E1-Lot, F-lot, H-lot, P-lot, Q-lot, U-Lot, Strafford Lot, Elizabeth Demeritt House, Brook Way Lot (all sections), Philbrook Lot, Edgewood Visitor Lot, Mill Road Visitor Lot, Demeritt Circle lots, Forest Park South Lot, Congreve Lot and all spaces along Academic Way. Vehicles parked in these lots after 4 am will be towed.   

Parking Lots Open: R-lot, G1-Lot, M-Lot, N-Lot, Mast Road Lot, Mathes Lot, Moiles Lot,Barton/Cole Lot, Field House East & West lots, T-Lot, Sage Way Visitor, Z-lot, Leavitt Lane, Grounds & Events lots, Colovos Road lots, Gregg Hall Lot and any other remote areas west of the rail road tracks not listed as closed. Boulder Field will be available weather permitting.

Bus Service: A special “Move-In Campus Connector will operate 9 am to 3 pm. Between 9 am and noon, it will service A-Lot and the Main Street corridor only, and from noon to 3 pm, it will include the loop to the back of campus. Additionally the normal Reduced Service Connector will operate 6:20am to 5pm. Wildcat Transit will run on the normal reduced weekday schedules on all routes.


Parking Lots Closed Midnight to 4 pm: Lot A, Sage Way Visitor lots will be reserved for the Apartments move-in operations. Vehicles parked in these lots after 4 am will be towed.

Parking Lots Open: All other campus parking lots are open. Woodside and Gables lots permit-holders may park in their assigned lots after completing their move-in.

Bus Service: No bus service on Saturday.


Parking Lots Closed Midnight to 4 pm: The same as Friday’s closures, except E and E1 parking lots are open for permitted residents. Vehicles parked in the closed lots after 4 am will be towed.

Parking Lots Open: Same as Friday.

Bus Service: A special Move-In Campus Connector will operate from 9 am to 3 pm. From 9 am until noon it will service Lot A and the Main Street corridor only. From noon to 3 pm, service will include the loop around the back of campus. The Weekend Connector will operate from 3 pm to midnight. There will be no Wildcat Transit service on Sunday.

See the campus parking map here for assistance with lot locations.

Jeremy Gasowski | UNH Marketing | jeremy.gasowski@unh.edu | 603-862-4465