Friday, April 29, 2016

The University of New Hampshire 3 O'Clock Jazz Band, a student ensemble, has released a CD called "A Time for Celebration." It was recorded in the Paul Creative Arts Center on November 24, 2015 and was edited, produced and directed by assistant professor of music Nathan Jorgensen. Guest artists on the recording are professor emeritus of music Dave Seiler on alto sax and professor of music Robert Stibler on trumpet.

Among the CD's eight tracks are two original compositions commissioned for the band in honor of Seiler, who led the jazz program at UNH for 43 years: "A Time of Celebration" by John Clayton and "Irreggaeular Blues" by John La Barbera. The compositions are the first two to be written for the "Dave Seiler Commissioning Project," an initiative started by Jorgensen that annually commissions a big band composition by a leading composer to be performed by the 3 O'Clock Jazz Band. Other tracks on the CD include "I Thought About You," "Blues for Itchy," "My Man Benny," "Early Light," "Beautiful Love," and "One July Midnight."

Contact the music department to purchase the CD.