UNH Dairy Bar becomes New Hampshire’s only three star-certified Green Restaurant

Friday, April 22, 2016
Interior of the UNH Dairy Bar

The UNH Dairy Bar is now the first three star-certified Green Restuarant in the state.

Anyone who has enjoyed a delicious salad or sundae shot while chatting with friends at the UNH Dairy Bar knows this restaurant is one of a kind. Now, the Green Restaurant Association has made that official.

The Green Restaurant Association, a national nonprofit organization helping restaurants become more environmentally sustainable, has awarded its three-star certification to the UNH Dairy Bar, making it the one and only three-star Green Restaurant in the Granite State.

The UNH Dairy Bar
The UNH Dairy Bar

Known for its extensive food and ice cream menus and its focus on healthy, sustainable options with local ingredients that include many grown right on campus, the restaurant’s commitment to environmental sustainability is no secret.

The UNH Dairy Bar has implemented 60 environmentally conscious practices that focus on food, water, waste, energy, chemicals, disposables and building materials and has reduced its waste volume by recycling.

The UNH Dairy Bar exceeded the Green Restaurant Association’s rigorous certification scale by more than 77 percent, going beyond the requirements necessary for three-star certification.

The award announcement follows the recent news of two-star designations for Holloway Commons and Stillings Hall.