Four Wildcats share why they believe in the university — and in giving back

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

When UNH's 603 Challenge kicks off Wednesday, alumni near and far will be asked to "answer the call" from their alma mater, and support the areas of the university they care most about — from academic departments to student orgs to athletics, or any other area that made their UNH experience meaningful to them.

We asked a few members of the UNH community to share their UNH story — each talked about their favorite Wildcat memories and experiences and told us why they'll be giving back during the challenge.

Click on a photo to read each Wildcat’s story.

“I'm thankful for my degrees; I'm keeping an eye toward helping, in any way, those students who could use it."
—Peg Kirkpatrick ’92, ’98G, assistant to the dean of the College of Liberal Arts

“There’s a community at UNH that the university promotes … Because of the costs of college, it’s getting harder for people to enjoy that community.”
— Jay DeWitt ’86 (far right, above)


may-win thein  

“What I want  engineering students to concentrate on is the design, building, testing, manufacturing — I don’t want them to spend time  trying to get money to get to competitions and conferences."
—May-Win Thein, associate professor of mechanical engineering, advisor to the LunaCats robotics team

“That is something that really stuck with me: tuition isn’t enough; this university runs because people give back."
—Tori Belkin ’13

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