Monday, November 10, 2014

This year, Northeast Passage is celebrating 25 years of providing adaptive sports and therapeutic recreation services to individuals with disabilities in New England.  

Founded in 1990 by Jill Gravink, Northeast Passage merged with the University of New Hampshire in 2000 to become a program of the College of Health and Human Services within the Department of Recreation Management & Policy. Northeast Passage brings recreation services and programs to students with disabilities and gives students across all disciplines real-world learning opportunities. Several Northeast Passage staff members teach classes within the Recreation Management & Policy curriculum. Northeast Passage also serves individuals from around New England through its adaptive sports and recreation program and its recreational therapy program.

The following four videos show the impact the program has had on indivduals and families throughout the region.


Victoria Arlen won four medals at the Paralympic Games in London.  She got her start in adaptive sports from Northeast Passage.



Miah and the Salter family have been able to participate as a family in recreational activities because of Northeast Passage.



Catherine Faherty stated out water skiing with Northeast Passage, but quickly found another sport she enjoyed much more.



Harry Carr is a visually impaired Air Force veteran who didn't know about the adaptive sport community until he found Northeast Passage.  


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