How Many Tweets, Photos, or Views? We've Got the Numbers!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A teaser on Facebook and Twitter resulted in 1867+ views of the UNH Frozen animation. 7600+ have watched Jennifer Lee's speech.

1,055 total mentions of #UNH14 on social media with heaviest use on Twitter and the peak was on May 17th at 458.

315 #UNH14 hashtags were used on Instagram

Top Facebook post for UNH Commencement: Jennifer Lee speech. (Overall reach by 05/21/14) Organic: 7120, Viral 28400)

183 retweets of @UofNH commencement-related posts.

Jennifer Lee and Mark Huddleston pose for a selfie

1 selfie was shown on the jumbotron. See behind the scenes!

Visit a collage of many uses of #UNH14 via Tagboard.

1600 pageviews of the 2014 UNH Commencement Social Media Mash-up webpage. (30% came from mobile devices, 16% came from tablets, and 54% from desktop)

3600+ photos were taken by UNH Photographers.