Professor of Chemical Engineering Dale Barkey

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Perhaps no one demonstrates the complementary nature of teaching and research better than Professor of Chemical Engineering Dale Barkey. A creative researcher who collaborates both nationally and internationally in the field of electro plating and corrosion, Barkey has also earned a reputation on the UNH campus as a masterful teacher: capable, in one student’s words, of “providing the information we need in a flawless manner while pulling great examples seemingly out of thin air.” Barkey takes a workman-like approach to teaching, which he has described as “the process of moving students from the classroom to the lab.” His success in helping students equip themselves to approach their own work with confidence and originality earned Barkey the 2013 Teaching Excellence Award for the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences – a fitting bookend to the University’s Excellence in Research award he received in 2012.

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