Thursday, May 30, 2013
athletic training room

Two floors below the main entrance to the Field House, on the side of the building facing the southeast curve of the Reggie Atkins track, the athletic training room is a pivotal piece of the Wildcat student-athlete equation. Until recently, however, it was a less-than-optimal facility – undersized and outdated, and so dimly lit that it was affectionately referred to by many as “the dungeon.”

In late 2012, the University’s Space Allocation, Adaptation and Renewal Committee (SAARC) approved funding for the renovation and improvement of this important space, which treats upwards of 200 student-athletes daily for needs ranging from routine pre-practice taping to high-tech interventions like ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation for injuries. Renovations began mid-December, at the beginning of winter break, and were completed February 1. The renovated facility has 12 treatment tables, a new taping station that brings the total to five, an expanded “wet room” with a large cold tub and a higher capacity ice machine, and a new rehabilitation exercise space. There also are new windows and a new ceiling, upgraded lighting, and a fresh coat of paint that have made the training room’s “dungeon” reputation a thing of the past.

Head athletic trainer Jon Dana notes that the overhaul is the first update to the space since the late 1980s. He says the finished product is even better than what he imagined in the planning phase. “I love it,” he says. “It’s bright and functional and really helps us address our student-athletes’ needs.”

The next step in revitalizing the athletic training space will involve the purchase of new rehabilitation equipment – needs that didn’t fall underneath the renovation’s $250,000 SAARC budget. This summer, the Friends of Athletic Training will announce a fundraising effort to support the purchase of a new treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical machine, modality machines, plyometric exercise boxes and other equipment for the new rehabilitation exercise space.

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