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Thursday, May 23, 2013
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UNH has long prided itself on graduating students who have significant research experience. In 2005, a generous gift from philanthropist Dana Hamel made it possible for the university to launch the first issue of Inquiry, an online, multi-disciplinary undergraduate research journal.

Inquiry was created to support the academic mission of UNH as a research and public service university. It offers undergraduate researchers in all the disciplines the opportunity to communicate their experiences and results to general as well as academic audiences worldwide—the final and very important step in the research process.

It is published annually in April at This year’s issue featured remarkable student research from many different fields of study – including Neil Baroody’s work on barefoot running and Merhawi Wells-Bogue’s documentary of Ethiopia’s street children. Both were featured in UNH Today.

Enjoy this year’s issue.

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