Thursday, May 16, 2013

commencement by the numbers

First UNH Durham Commencement: 1892 (It took place in a barn as none of the UNH Durham buildings were completed)

Undergraduates degrees being awarded: 2,568 (approx.)

Graduate degrees being awarded: 522 (approx.)

Honorary degrees being awarded: 3

Majors represented: 100+

Veterans graduating: 68

Chairs on stage: 328

Graduate chairs: 2,688

Guest chairs: 19,500 (12,000 outside, 7,000 inside the Whittemore Center)

Volunteers:  110

Portapotties: 12 single units, 1 multiunit trailer (Portapottie, not for you? Remember, there are bathrooms in the Whittemore Center.)

Wheelchairs: 7

Golf carts: 4

Programs printed: 3,000 full programs and 10,000 supplements

Age of youngest graduate: 19

Age of oldest graduate: 67

States represented by graduates: 29

Countries represented by graduates: 23

"Shout Outs" taped by seniors at Commencement Fair: 98

Expected visitors: 19,000

Time Commencement staff arrives: 5:30 a.m.

Time that first guests arrived last year: before 5:30 a.m.

JumboTrons:  2 outside, 1 screen inside

Undergraduate diplomas handed out on May 19: 0 (they are mailed later!!)

Ex-Presidents who have spoken at UNH Commencement: 2 (George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton)

Movie stars who have spoken at UNH Commencement: 2 (Meryl Streep, Mike O’Malley)


Originally published by:

UNH Today

Compiled by Bridget Finnegan, UNH New and Emerging Media. Illustrations by Bridget Finnegan, UNH New and Emerging Media. Special thanks to Erika Mantz, UNH Media Relations and Patrice Russell, University Events and Programs.