UNH Provides Networking Opportunities for Graduates

Thursday, May 30, 2013
new york city rooftop deck

Close to 80 alums who call New York City home gathered on the rooftop deck of the Gansevoort Meatpacking Hotel last week to connect with each other as well as get a quick update on the happenings at their alma mater and hear from students about their research. Two recent graduates also talked about how their work with the university’s InterOperability Laboratory provides not only an education but real-world experience.

“These events are the launch to what can be a viral re-birth of a powerful UNH culture centered here in New York,” said Spencer Potts ‘92. “We underwrite these events to galvanize the UNH alumni towards giving back to an institution that offered so much to each one of us. For younger alums the events are a reminder of the support system they have as they navigate through their early careers.”

And for Debbie Dutton, vice president of advancement, connections are what it’s all about. “We’ve heard from our alums that networking with fellow graduates is a big piece of what they are looking for at various points throughout their career. The recent launch of UNH Connect, the university’s new online alumni community, and events like these help build the sense of community that makes UNH special.”

President Mark Huddleston and Dutton spoke briefly at the event, highlighting the need for support for the university and each other. “You can help us make UNH even stronger by networking at events, advocating for us and making a gift. When the reputation of UNH increases, so does the value of your degree,” Huddleston told those gathered.

Josh Beaudet, who just graduated and is working on his master’s in electrical engineering, talked about starting with the IOL just a week after he finished high school. “I have worked on many cutting-edge technologies and with vendors all over the world, like Intel, Dell, Apple, and Microsoft.”

Michael Klempa, who is also starting his master’s in electrical engineering, worked in the IOL for all four years, testing and characterizing the protocol and hardware of computer drives, as well as testing performance and compatibility of some of the industry's most advanced servers. “I work closely with industry leaders from companies all over the world,” he told the group. “I spent winter and spring breaks last year in San Jose working with a member doing characterization work. I also got a summer internship at Intel in their server division. I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of people and make a lot of connections.

The InterOperability Laboratory (IOL) tests networking and data communications products, It is the only full-scale, non-profit test lab in the world that balances industry expertise with the real-world training of future engineers. More than 100 graduate and undergraduate student employees work with full-time staff, gaining hands-on experience with developing technologies and products.

Potts was one of a group of alumni underwriters who made the event possible: Scott Hammond ’99, Spencer Potts ’92, Chris Barkley ’95, Elizabeth Hilpman ’81, Fred Bailey ’78, and John Bonczek ’81. He encouraged those gathered to join him and his family Saturday, June 22, for a summer party in the Hamptons. All proceeds will benefit a scholarship fund to help students in need. To learn more and register visit: http://www.unh.edu/foundation/events/hamptons/index.html.

To learn more about UNH Connect, the new online community for alumni, visit https://www.alumni.unh.edu/.

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