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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Senior Cameron Lyle decided to donate bone marrow, a decision that abruptly ends his collegiate athletic career but one that he calls a "no brainer."

ABC News: University of New Hampshire Athlete Shortens Career to Donate Bone Marrow


Nashua Telegraph: Boston shutdown and manhunt was unique, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be repeated

Justice Studies Professor Charles Putnam compares Boston shutdown and manhunt to marshal law.


N.H. Public Radio: The Demographics Of Disagreement On Climate Change

Listen to Sociologist Larry Hamilton talk about why the public doesn’t agree that global warming is happening. READ MORE >>


USA Today: Age, kids and jobs affect where Americans live

Demographer Kenneth Johnson finds where Americans choose to live continues to be driven by the same reasons that have shaped migration patterns for half a century: how old they are and whether they’re raising kids. READ MORE >>


NPR’s On Point: The Mortal Sea

Hear historian Jeff Bolster, a ship’s captain turned scholar, talk about our impact on the oceans through time. READ MORE >>


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