Thursday, February 14, 2013
valentines with wild-e-cat

A few random facts about UNH Valentines, hearts, love, and chocolate

Floral! 150 Valentine carnations are being delivered today by Aspiring Hands to sweethearts in the UNH community. Aspiring Hands (Left to right) Stephanie Benson, Emily Donahue, Stacia Boynton, Caitlin Jones.

Aspiring Hands selling carnations

Love! 15,310 UNH alums are married to make 7,655 couples. 1974 was a big year for love!  421 members of that class are married to fellow alums.

Instagram photo of UNH Couple


Delicious! UNH Dining is filling its chocolate fountains with 32 pints of melted chocolate for today's Valentine's Day lunch celebration.

Sweet! UNH Dining is also making 3,000 cupcakes. (AND 1,200 cookies!)



Historical! In 1897 Hamilton Smith II established the Valentine Smith scholarship, the first scholarship available to non-resident students at the college. (It was named after Hamilton's grandfather, not the lead character from Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land.)

UNH Student from Mars

Heart Healthy! There are over 50 defibrillators on campus. MORE at UNH Manchester, on boats etc.

AED symbols

A rose by any other name! The Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority Inc. has sold over 600 roses this Valentine's season. The sorority prepped the flowers themselves.

Roses for sale

The Outback in Durham ordered 500 Valentine's Day cards this season.

Thanks to Nick Rollins from Advancement Services, David Hill from Dining Services, and Jason Boucher from New and Emerging Media.