Thursday, November 1, 2012
twitter screen with hamsmith in the background

UNH, as you very well may know, is a socially engaging campus. Students are constantly connecting with one another, using a plethora of online tools such as Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook. So, with great pleasure, we would like to introduce our new @UNHStudents Twitter account, which will serve as the bridge between students and all the latest happenings on campus.

For students, by students. That’s the mantra. A way for both current and prospective twenty-somethings to have a hands-on preview of what the University has to offer, without the narrowed focus that an account dedicated to Football or Dining Hall accounts might have. @UNHStudents will cover all topics, including the upcoming hockey games, latest free concerts, and the importance of attending weekly hammock club meetings.

So, to the youthful militia of University of New Hampshirites, be sure to follow @UNHStudents on Twitter. Stay up to date, and be engaged. You never know what interesting thing you might be missing out on.

Originally published by:

UNH Today

Written by Aidan King '14, UNH Social Media Associate