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ClockWork is a data management system which meets the specialized needs of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) and is housed under the University's secure network (HIPPA Compliant) to protect the integrity of the office and our students. 

Clockwork Tutorial for Faculty

Viewing Accommodation Letters


Clockwork Tutorials for Students

Completing the Intake Form 

Submitting Documentation

Sending Accommodation Letters


Peer Notetaker Instructions


  1. Login to Clockwork
  2. Click on My Course Notes in Main Menu.
  3. After reading the information found on the SAS Course Notes Page please click on Courses/Notes.
  4. Login to ClockWork using your UNH username and password.
  5. Select from your list of courses and click Change this to 'Yes' (I require a Notetaker).
  6. SAS will be notified of your need for a notetaker and will reach out to students in your course for a volunteer. PLEASE NOTE: Not all requests are guaranteed to be filled. 
  7. If a notetaker becomes available, SAS will assign you a notetaker and you will be notified by email. 


  1. How to Become a Notetaker

    1. Visit the ClockWork Login Portal

    2. Click on Login for UNH Students

    3. In the main menu, click on Become a Notetaker for SAS

    4. Thoroughly read the information about SAS Notetakers  

    5. Click on Courses/notes

    6. Use your UNH ID and password to login

    7. Update and confirm the information in your profile

    8. Agree to the terms and conditions that Notetakers are responsible and held accountable for 
    (Please note: stipends will not be issued if these terms are broken at any point during the semester)

    9. Select the course(s) you are available to be a Notetaker for

    10. Upload sample notes that can be viewed by students requesting this accommodation (.JPEG .PDF .doc .docx)

    Upon completing your Notetaker Profile on ClockWork, SAS will make the selection based on the uploaded sample notes provided.  Once selected, the Notetaker will be notified via their UNH email with further instructions.

    SAS will relieve Notetakers of their duties if they have neglected to post course notes in a timely manner or if they have posted non-sufficient course notes. It is important all notes are legible, comprehensive, and uploaded promptly.