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What should my Twitter Username be?

There is a 15-character limit for Twitter usernames. You should always have “unh” before your college, department, or organization and be consistent with your naming convention across all social media networks you plan to use. Every social media account you create that represents The University of New Hampshire should be easy to identify. If you have questions about how to create an appropriate username, please contact us.

What should my profile photo look like?

Your Twitter profile photo should be square and measure 400 pixels by 400 pixels. Use something symbolizing your department or college. Having trouble uploading your photo? Click here

Please don’t make your profile photo the UNH logo unless you’re @UofNH. Need assistance? Let us know!  

Examples of appropriate UNH Twitter usernames:






Don’t be an egg! Change your profile photo to something that represents your department. Make sure it's at least 400 x 400 pixels.

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Make sure your profle image is 400 x 400 pixels. 


Avoid busy or repeating backgrounds. Keep it simple.

Twitter Bio:

Be as specific and descriptive as possible within the 160-character limit and add your official UNH website.

What hashtag should I use?

The official hashtag for The University of New Hampshire is: #UNH.
We also use #IBelieveInUNH#UNHSocial, and when posting to Instagram, try: #instaUNH

How long should my tweets be?

Tweets are limited to 140 characters and should include links, pictures, videos, and/or #hashtags. Do you want your tweet shared or retweeted with comment? Leave room for retweets by making your tweet 120 character or less.

My tweet looks ugly because of the long web address.

If you want your tweet to look more aesthetically pleasing and engaging, use a URL shortener.
Try one of these free services:, or

My tweet doesn’t appear to be visible.sample tweets

When tweeting directly at someone, meaning your using their @handle as the very beginning of a tweet, it will only appear in the feeds of users who follow both you and the person in which you’re directly tweeting. This prevents flooding other people’s Twitter streams when tweeting back and forth with another person. Twitter considers it a conversation and it only appears in the feeds of users who follow both you and the person in which you’re directly tweeting. It is also located under the Tweets & replies column in Twitter. Adding a period before a @handle means the tweet will appear in the feeds of all followers.

What type of messaging should I use on Twitter?

Your college, department, or organization should tweet about your area of expertise. Leave some room for fun, engaging posts like photos or related current events tweets . Be authentic.

Once you’re ready to start tweeting, remember to focus on how to deliver your message and what type of “voice” you will use in your tweets. Are you an expert in a specific subject or department? Twitter isn’t about following people you know, but engaging your audience, or stakeholders with the subjects you know best. If you’re genuine and share good content, then you’ll quickly become a valuable member of the university (and global) Twitter community. Here’s a few examples of Twitter accounts at UNH and what they tweet about:

@UofNH tweets about EVERYTHING. From general university information to news, events, awards, sports, art, academics, research, and anything else our audience(staff, faculty, parents, students, alumni, perspectives, community) finds interesting. 

@UNHNews tweets press releases and other media relations information.

@UNHStudents is run by current students and they tweet about student affairs, activities, events, and remind the student body of important dates (add/drop dates, exam times, library hours, etc.). The main audience is current students.

@UNHAlums tweet about alumni events, alumni profiles, news from our nation-wide networks, fundraising, and more.

@UNHAdmissions: tweets news and information about campus tours, application deadlines, financial aid, and general news from UNH that is directed towards perspective students and parents or guardians.