Instagram Help

What is Instagram?

Instagram, the photo-centric social media platform with growing features, is the third largest social media network with 1 billion monthly active users. The platform is one of the few that relies heavily on imagery of landscapes, pets, and everything in between.

How do I use Instagram?

Download and install the app on your mobile phone.

Visit to begin exploring Instagram profiles. Follow other department or college related users, edit your information and turn your Instagram account into a business profile.  Link your Instagram account with other social media networks, like Facebook, to share photos with other followers and bring them together, maybe even increasing engagement across social media networks. 

Image/Video Sizing and Format:

Content to Post:

Our video and photo teams capture campus in incredible ways. So, using their content on Instagram is the perfect fit. Anything from research, drone shots or user-generated content performs well. We use hashtags to get our content in front of a broad audience and use captions strategically.

Did You Know?

You can go to comments within your Instagram posts and swipe left to activate both the reply and delete button. This can help you easily remove unwanted comments. Use “#” and then a topic keyword like #UNH, #ThisIsUNH, InstaUNH, or #research, #STEM, #chemistry. Hashtags will help increase discoverability of your photo by others and amplify your impressions and overall reach. 


More Help:

Looking for specific info on how to set up your Instagram account? The Instagram Help Center has everything you need. Need additional assistance? Contact us