Social Media Resources

Social Media Resources

Considering the impact of social media as a communication tool, the #UNHSocial team has established guidelines for official use at The University of New Hampshire. Whether you’re a college, department, student organization, or member of the greater Wildcat community, please review the following best practices, safety tips, and social network resources as you integrate social media into your communication strategy. Every UNH employee holds a basic responsibility to safeguard & preserve assets and resources of UNH and its component institutions, and to conduct work duties in an ethical and professional manner. See the University System of New Hampshire Standard of Conduct and Personnel Policies to learn more.

Quick Tips

Be Transparent & Professional

Recognize that everything you contribute to, or receive on a social media site is public. You’re responsible for whatever information you post. The same professional standards expected of you on the job should be applied to your conduct in UNH-related social media. Post meaningful, respectful comments that are relevant to your position at UNH. Please—no spam or remarks that are off-topic or offensive. Use commonsense and courtesy in creating University-related social media content. If you have even the slightest doubt, ask if the content is appropriate—BEFORE you post. If the public shares an opinion that you disagree with on a UNH-owned social media site, keep your response appropriate, professional, and polite. Sometimes, its best not to respond at all. Never comment on anything related to legal matters or pending litigation. Any advertising, promotion, or endorsement of third-party products or services is not permitted.

Keep Up With Social Media

Looking for a textbook on social media? It’s hard to find one, because social media changes quickly. Instead, look to websites, blogs, and experts for the latest trends and newest social media platforms. Here are a few of our favorites: 

UNH Brand & Visual Guidelines

Please refer to our Brand Guidelines and Toolkit on all matters related to visual identity, web standards, and appropriate use of graphics and logos. If you have additional questions or need help, please contact the #UNHSocial team

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