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Research Computing maintains a full set of computing tools. Our staff know-how benefits nobody without the correct, and often specialized, tool required for your job. Within the toolbox we call the Lenharth Data Center (LDC) we provide a secure environment to store  process and retrieve your data. The LDC does not stand alone.  We are well connected to the rest of the UNH community and the worldwide scientific networks.  A select few tools are curated below.

Lenharth Data Center

  • 2,000 square feet
  • Physical security, including 24 hour video monitoring, motion alarms, and logged swipe card door access
  • Energy efficient in-row cooling and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) distributed in an alternating hot and cold aisle layout

High Performance Computing Facility

  • Multiple HPC clusters, including a central shared cluster and a CRAY supercomputer 
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Storage & Backups

  • More than 1PB of storage, across various Lustre and RAID arrays 

Research Network

  • Backbone switch supporting 10Gbps for both IPv4 and IPv6
  • A 20Gbps node on the UNH ScienceNet (see below) 


  • Machines housed within the Lenharth Data Center receive industry standard physical and environmental security.  
  • Enhanced network security is available for systems that must adhere to specific requirements like: HIPAA, PCI, CUI
  • One of two locations on campus approved for the storage of restricted data that is required to comply with federal regulations, such as HIPAA