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Griffith, J.A., Malone, M.F.T., & Shea, C.M., (2022) From Bystander to ally among faculty colleagues:  Construction and validation of the bystander intervention behavior scale.  Equality, Diversity and Inclusion:  An International Journal.  Vol. 41 No. 2, pp. 273-293. 

Shea, C.M., Malone, M.F.T., Griffith, J.A., Staneva, V., Graham, K., & Banyard, V.  (2021). Please feel free to intervene:  A longitudinal analysis of the consequences of the behavioral expectations of bystanders.  Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, August 2021.    

Shea, C.M., Malone, M.F.T., Young, J.R., & Graham, K.J.  (2019)  Interactive theater:  An effective tool to reduce gender bias in faculty searches.  Equality, Diversity and Inclusion:  An International Journal, 38/2, 178-187.   

Shea, C.M., Young, J.R., Banyard, V., Malone, M.F.T., Graham, K.J., & Byron, G.  (2018).  Recognizing and intervening in bias incidents in the academic workplace:  A self-categorization theory perspective. ADVANCE Journal, 1/1.    

UNH Advance Posters

Improving Campus Climate Poster  
Bystanders in the Academic Workplace Poster 

Climate Survey 2013-2017

The purpose of the annual UNH ADVANCE faculty climate survey, from 2013 – 2017, was to evaluate the impact of UNH ADVANCE initiatives on the UNH climate over time and generate a campus-wide dialogue about climate issues.

2017 Climate Survey Report

Demystifying the Promotion and Tenure Process

2016 Climate Survey Reports

Bias Incidents and Bystander Intervention at UNH: Results from the 2015 Faculty Climate Survey

2015 Climate Survey Report

Faculty Career Life Balance: Findings from the 2013 and 2014 UNH ADVANCE Annual Faculty Climate Survey

2014 Climate Survey Reports

Tenure Track Faculty Perceptions of Department Influence, Fit, and Fairness
Description of the Tenure Track Faculty Respondents
Non-Tenure Track Faculty Perceptions of Department Influence, Fit and Fairness

Composition Reports 2013-2018

The composition report is an analysis of UNH tenure track, research and clinical faculty composition based on institutional statistics.