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Talk about Teaching

A series of workshops designed to bring educators together to share ideas, problem solve and learn new techniques.
Talk about Teaching


Empower Students for Academic Success: Teaching Students Study Skills Informed by the Science of Learning

November 6, 2020

Six Cognitive Strategies for Effective Learning 
Megan Sumeracki - Associate Professor, Rhode Island College

Open Education: Improving Learning in Higher Education 
Norman Bier - Executive Director of the Simon Initiative and the Director of the Open Learning Initiative, Carnegie Mellon University

The Student Cognition Toolbox: Empowering Students to Become Better Learners 
Victor Benassi - Co-Principal Investigator, Student Cognition Toolbox, Professor Emeritus and Faculty Director, CEITL (2007-2018), University of New Hampshire
Catherine Overson - Principal Investigator, Student Cognition Toolbox, Interim Director, CEITL, University of New Hampshire

KBCP - The Knowledge, Belief, Commitment and Planning Framework for Teaching Effective Learning Strategies:  A Concrete Example and Some Preliminary Results 
Mark A. McDaniel - Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis