Update No. 2 from President Dean

Dear Students, Staff and Faculty,

Fall has been going by quickly; it is hard to believe October is almost over. Congrats to all you Red Sox fans on their reaching the World Series and winning game one!

I was honored to be inaugurated as UNH’s twentieth president on October 12. Thanks to everyone who came to the ceremony or sent along good wishes. My speech that day was about the critical importance of education for freedom. You can read it or watch it here if you are interested.

I have been spending a lot of time with students over the past month. I have visited three dorms and held three two-hour sets of student office hours, as well as met with the Student Senate. I am consistently impressed by our students, who are brimming with curiosity, determination, and care for others. I have visited with several businesses recently who told me how much they enjoy hiring our students. I was happy to hear this but not surprised.

I have also visited with a number of faculty and staff in many contexts, and look forward to more visits in the near future. I was pleased to attend the Faculty Excellence dinner recently, where faculty were honored for contributions to teaching, research, and public service. This was really impressive. And along with Interim Provost Wayne Jones, I have visited with every academic unit in Durham, Manchester, and Concord.

Many people on campus have been helping me to develop strategic priorities for the next few years, and everyone will have an opportunity to contribute to this effort via an online tool. At UNH we have many strengths to build on, and many opportunities to pursue. I will share more information on this within the next month.

With all my best wishes for your success,

Jim Dean

James W. Dean, Jr.