UNH to Reflect on One-Year COVID Anniversary March 15

March 12, 2021


Dear Members of the UNH Community,

Yesterday marked one year since the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic. Last night, President Biden addressed the nation to acknowledge the past year and express his expectation that the vaccine will be available to everyone age 18 and older by May 1. 
Monday at noon, UNH will reflect on this anniversary with a virtual ceremony, and we will email you a brief video. If you are on the Durham campus, you will hear a special song from the Thompson Hall carillon at noon. If your schedule allows, we ask that you take a few minutes to watch the video and to reflect on the past year. I am incredibly proud of how the UNH community has responded to COVID—the level of caring, the depth of compassion and the ingenuity of problem solving. 
Our collective resolve in responding to COVID reflects the very best of UNH—a caring community. I want to thank the following groups for co-hosting the anniversary:

  • Town of Durham
  • Faculty Senate
  • Student Senate
  • Graduate Student Senate
  • Operating Staff Council
  • Professional, Administrative and Technical Staff Council
  • Extension Educator Council 
  • Clinical Faculty Council
  • Research Faculty Council
  • Postdoctoral Association

I hope you all have a restorative weekend, and I look forward to an opportunity to reflect as a community on Monday. Even though we will not be gathered around the carillon in person, we will be #UNHTogether in spirit.

James W. Dean Jr.