UNH Financial Report

Financial Report FY16

Year Ended June 30, 2016

The University of New Hampshire is funded by a combination of public and private support. Its largest source of revenue is derived from tuition and fees. As the university looks ahead, maintaining affordability and access for all qualified students, attracting new revenues derived from sponsored grants and contracts, and creating a culture of philanthropy in order to build its endowment will be the dominant areas of focus that contribute to a sustainable, resourceful and responsible university.

I. FY16 Sources of Revenue $606.7 million

State support for the university in FY16 was 9.1% of total revenues. 

1. Tuition and Fees, net of Financial Aid
2. Auxiliary Revenue
3. Sponsored Programs and Pell Grants
4. State of N.H. General Appropriations
5. Gifts & Endowment Income
6. Other Sources

$218 million
$146.1 million
$127.3 million
$55.3 million
$31.2 million
$28.8 million




Current Fund Reveue pie chart


II. FY16 Expenditures $601.4 million

Personnel expenses were 62% of the total for UNH, down from nearly 63% in FY14. Fringe benefits expenses were 15.6% of the total, down from 16.7% in FY14.

1. Personnel
2. Supplies and Services
3. Transfers
4. Utilities

$373.3 million 
$137.2 million 
$80.3 million
$10.6 million




Current Fund Expenditures


III. Enrollment (Durham, Manchester, Concord)

Undergraduate enrollments remained strong and at near-record levels in FY16, while graduate education enrollments grew by nearly 100 students.

 Financial Full Time Equivalent (FFTE) Student Enrollment

IV. Sponsored Projects Proposals and Awards

Grant proposals were well above the five-year average in FY16, at $520 million. Awards rose from $98 million to $100 million, and expenditures dropped from $107 million to $106 million.

 UNH Sponsored Projects, Proposals, Awards & Expenditures

V. Endowment Net Position

Endowment net position reflects the value of UNH's endowment pools at the UNH Foundation and University System of New Hampshire.


 UNH Sponsored Projects, Proposals, Awards & Expenditures