Information on Pass/Fail Option for Undergraduate Students

April 2, 2020

Dear University Community,
Earlier this week, the Faculty Senate passed a motion to permit undergraduate students to change any spring 2020 letter grade course to a pass/fail grade, if appropriate, in light of the stresses caused by COVID-19. Undergraduates will have between April 10 and April 28 to make these changes in Webcat. This does not apply to any graduate courses, including the law school.
The university is working to quickly develop the Webcat process for undergraduates to use to make changes. As soon as that process development is complete, we will communicate additional information and specific directions. We expect to do this early next week.
There are important considerations for undergraduates to weigh to determine whether a change is appropriate, especially for major requirements. We urge everyone to read very carefully the guidance available and, most importantly, for undergraduates to talk with their academic advisor about their choices.  
The Faculty Senate made this decision with three main objectives:

1) Desire to maintain equity among students in their ability to make progress toward their degrees;

2) Flexibility for faculty to adapt their courses to new modes of instruction while not inadvertently taxing students during these unprecedented times; and

3) Simplicity and clarity of policy to help ease concerns, confusion and stress on the university community.
The purpose of this email is not to provide specific guidance on what course should or should not change but to let you know the option will be available. We strongly encourage you to review the FAQ document and speak with your advisor about the choice. 
David Bachrach
Chair, Faculty Senate

Andrew Colby
University Registrar