Building a better UNH

May 14, 2017

Members of the UNH Community,

This past academic year has been a challenging one for our campus – as it has for most institutions of higher education across the country. As we enter the final week of the academic year, we wish all students well on their final exams and we extend our congratulations to all of those students who are graduating on Saturday. We also commit to work on the issues that have been identified for our campus community.

The safety, well-being and success of  every  student are the top priorities for the university. Students come to UNH to learn, challenge themselves, meet new friends and build a foundation that will serve them well upon graduation for successful and happy lives.  And, while there are ups and downs and challenging moments during every student's educational journey, no student should be disrespected or - worse yet - experience acts of hate and racism. These acts are against our core UNH values.

Every member of our community deserves to feel safe and respected.  We will not tolerate threatening behavior, discrimination or bullying on social media or in person and will fight against it with all means available to us including enforcement of the Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities and referral to criminal law enforcement authorities. In recent days, in light of the media attention that these issues have received, some are seeking to inflame the situation further by being provocative and rude, especially on social media. We encourage you to be mindful of this potential for manipulation and not to engage with people who use the Internet to spread hatred and disrespect.

We look forward to working in partnership with students, faculty and staff to improve our campus culture and address overt and covert acts of hate and racism. This work must be ongoing and collaborative, as we strive collectively to facilitate opportunities for education, awareness and action.

Together, we can build a better UNH.


Mark W. Huddleston, President

Nancy Targett, Provost

Ruth Abelmann, Acting Director, Residence Life

Sarah Albrecht, Head Coach, Women’s Lacrosse

Kimberly Babbitt, Associate Dean, College of Life Sciences and Agriculture

Robin Balducci, Head Coach, Field Hockey

Heidi Bostic, Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Jim Boulanger, Head Coach, Men’s Track and Field

Anne Broussard, Associate Dean, College of Health and Human Services

Jordan Budd, Dean, Law School

Joel Carstens, Director, Financial Aid

Kevin Charles, Executive Director, Health Services

Christopher Clement, Vice President, Finance and Administration

Andrew Colby, Registrar

Beverly Cray, Operations Manager, Transportation Services

Brandon Crosby, Philbrook Dining Hall Area Manager, Hospitality Services

Amy Culp, Director, Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program (SHARPP)

Megan Davis, Chief of Staff, President's Office

Paul Dean, Chief, UNH Police

Michael Decelle, Dean, UNH Manchester

Peter Degnan, Director, Medical Services

Victoria Dutcher, Vice President, Enrollment Management

Deborah Dutton, Vice President, Advancement

Susan Entz, Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations

Micheal Ettlinger, Director, Carsey School of Public Policy

Michael Ferrara, Dean, College of Health and Human Services

Tara Lynn Fulton, Dean, Library

Brett Gibson, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Joan Glutting, Interim Director, Counseling Center

Gail Goodspeed, Head Coach, Women’s Gymnastics

Bill Hall, Assistant Vice President, Enterprise Technology Services

Stacey Hall, Director, Campus Recreation

Bill Herrion, Head Coach, Men’s Basketball

David Hill, Dining Hall Operations Director, Hospitality Services

Rob Hoppler, Head Coach, Women’s Track and Field

Theodore Howard, Associate Dean, College of Life Sciences and Agriculture

Marc Hubbard, Head Coach, Men’s Soccer

Joe Infante, Mail Clerk, Printing and Mailing Services

Daniel Innis, Incoming President, Faculty Senate

Kathy Irla-chesney, Director, Housing

Bill Janelle, Associate Vice President, Facilities and Operations

Brandon Karcher, Print Production Lead, Printing and Mailing Services

John “Ted” Kirkpatrick, Dean of Students

Kenneth LaValley, Dean, Cooperative Extension

Dovev Levine, Assistant Dean, Graduate School

Rick MacDonald, Director, Business Affairs

Maureen Magarity, Head Coach, Women’s Basketball

Erika Mantz, Director, Media Relations

Florence Marble, IT Manager, Business Affairs

Amanda Marone, Senior Business Services Assistant, Facilities

David May, Associate Vice President, Business Affairs

Margaret McCabe, Associate Dean, Law School

Dorrie McClintock, Conferences and Catering Director, Hospitality Services

Sharon McCrone, Interim Associate Dean, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Sean McDonnell, Head Coach, Men’s Football

Robert McGann, Director of Admissions

Bill McNamara, Executive Director, Hospitality Services

Leigh Anne Melanson, Associate Provost, Finance and Administration

Deborah Merrill-Sands, Dean, Paul College of Business and Economics

Cari Moorhead, Interim Dean, Graduate School

John W. Mourikas Jr., Manager, Information Technology

Kathy Neils, Associate VP and Chief Human Resources Officer

Neil Niman, Associate Dean, Paul College of Business and Economics

Jan Nisbet, Senior Vice Provost, Research

Jaime Nolan, Associate Vice President, Community, Equity and Diversity

Eric Potter, Bindery Machine Operator, Printing and Mailing Services

Janet Puchlopek, Sr. Business Services Assistant, Business Affairs

Charles Putnam, Director, Office of Community Standards

Dan Reagan, Associate Dean, UNH Manchester

Rachel Q. Rawlinson, Head Coach, Men’s and Women’s Rowing

Mary Rhiel, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Paul Roberts, Director, Printing and Mailing Services

Ronald Rodgers, General Counsel and Secretary, University System of New Hampshire

Patricia Rooney, Human Resources Partner

Maredith St. Onge, Stillings Dining Hall Area Manager, Hospitality Services

Dante Scala, President, UNH Faculty Senate

Kerry Scala, Associate Vice President, Finance

Marty Scarano, Athletic Director

Cory Schwartz, Head Coach, Men’s and Women’s Skiing

Joel Seligman, Chief Communications Officer

Michael Shuttic, Director, Disability Student Services

Regina Smick-Attisano, Director, The Thompson School

Darleen Smith, Graphic Designer, Printing and Mailing Services

Donna Marie Sorrentino, Director and Title IX Coordinator Affirmative Action and Equity

Harlan Spence, Director, Institute for Earth, Ocean, and Space

Mica Stark, Assistant Vice President, Public Affairs

Brenda Stone, Senior Business Services Assistant, Payroll, Human Resources

Todd Sweet, Philbrook Dining Hall Executive Chef, Hospitality Services 

Kimberly Sweetman, Associate Dean of the Library

Dirk Timmons, Director, Transportation Services

Jeanine Ulaskiewicz, Business Manager, Campus Recreation

Dick Umile, Head Coach, Men’s Hockey

Larry Van Dessel, Executive Director, Facilities Services

P.T. Vasudevan, Senior Vice Provost, Academic Affairs

Rhonda Vincent, Director of Finance and Administration, Facilities

Kerryellen Vroman, Interim Associate Vice Provost, International Studies

Stan Waddell, Chief Information Officer

Steve Welham, Head Coach, Women’s Soccer

Brenda H. Whitmore, Director,  Facilities Project Management

Victoria Wilson, Occupancy Assistant Director, Housing

Victoria Wijeyesinghe, Human Resource Partner 

Reginald Wilburn, Incoming Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Julie Williams, Senior Vice Provost, Engagement and Academic Outreach

Josh Willman, Head Coach, Swimming

Hilary Witt, Head Coach, Women’s Hockey

Jon Wraith, Dean, College of Life Sciences and Agriculture

Charles Zercher, Interim Dean, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences