A time to make your own mark

Working with your faculty mentors, you'll gain confidence in your abilities. You'll find yourself daring to invent something new, argue against the prevailing opinion, or devote yourself to a bigger project than you ever dreamed of.

Using what you learn to serve the public good will soon become second nature. UNH creates a community among our faculty, students, and staff that allows you to fulfill your potential in ways you may have never imagined. That's the exciting thing about discovery - you never know where it's going to lead!

Fields of Research at UNH

Agriculture & Biosciences

Agriculture and biosciences research at UNH encompasses the study of living things from the large scale of farms, forests, lakes and fields to the microscopic scale of the processes in cells that make life possible. Much of it focuses on focuses on the unique needs and characteristics of New Hampshire.

Engineering & Physical Sciences

Research at UNH in engineering and the physical sciences explores phenomena from the almost imperceptible subatomic and ‘nano’ scales to the global scale and beyond. It is a quest for a deeper understanding of the complexities of our built and natural worlds.

Business & Technology

Business and technology research at UNH is varied and broad-based, and includes the decision sciences, resource management, tourism, and the development, evaluation and application of information and medical technologies.

Marine & Ocean Sciences

UNH research in marine and ocean sciences explores the biological and physical aspects of the world’s seas. It includes developing new tools to extend our ability to visualize, measure and predict ocean characteristics and events and investigating how to use the ocean’s resources for energy and food production responsibly.

Health & Behavioral Science

Research in health, behavioral, and social sciences at UNH focuses on exploring the human condition - physical, psychological, and social - as individuals, as families, and as communities. It includes research to help people live full, healthy lives and to improve education, inclusiveness, and social justice. It explores humanity from the cellular level to the global, from the ancient to the modern.

Sustainability & the Environment

UNH research in sustainability and the environment seeks to understand the interconnected processes of the Earth and the nature of human interactions with them. It uses many approaches, involving  researchers from the biological and physical sciences, engineering, the social sciences, humanities, and health and human services. Its utimate goal: protecting and sustaining the Earth and its inhabitants.

Space Science

UNH has been involved with instrument design and data analysis for NASA space missions spanning 60 years. UNH research in space spans all of the space sciences with studies ranging from the ionosphere to the Earth's magnetosphere, the local solar system, and out to the farthest reaches of the universe.

Humanities & the Arts

Research in the humanities asks the large questions about culture, literature, philosophy, and language to help illuminate the human experience. UNH artists push aesthetic boundaries as they explore the human condition, while arts historians further our understanding of the role of arts and artists across the span of human history.