Landscape view of forest with mountains in distance

Woodland Woes

New England has been losing forestland to development at a rate of 65 acres per day, according to report co-authored by John Aber. Read More
Two UNH researchers at the Shoals Marine Laboratory
Each summer, on a small island just off New Hampshire's coast, researchers from the Shoals Marine Laboratory work to save and protect threatened and... Read More
Biaxial tester, used in advanced manufacturing
UNH will launch a pilot project in collaboration with New Hampshire’s community colleges and advanced manufacturing partners to address the workforce... Read More
Jacob Withee, bee whisperer
While a graduate student in zoology at UNH, Jacob Withee '16G studied the effects of aggression on the social behavior of Ceratina calcurata,... Read More
a UNH laboratory with student at microscope
Register for ethical and responsible conduct of research training by Oct. 5.  Read More

Recent Stories

  • A view of students at UNH
    - Academic Consequences
    New UNH research has found that campus sexual violence significantly affects academics. Read More
  • Quinoa field trials at UNH
    - Crazy for Quinoa?
    UNH researchers are exploring whether a high-value crop could be grown successfully in northern New England. Read More
  • UNH student tracking moose in New Hampshire's northern woods
    - Tracking a Troubled Icon
    The iconic moose is in decline. Here's what UNH researchers are doing about it.  Read More
  • abstract sustainability illustration of leaves, eyes, bugs and part of an institution
    - Blue and White and Green All Over
    Take a walk through campus and it’s easy to get lost in UNH’s natural beauty. Tree-lined sidewalks border burbling streams and wander over gently rolling hills and past jutting... Read More
  • UNH's Flow Physics Facility Wind Tunnel
    - Win(d)-Win Proposition
    Running 26.2 miles in less than two hours: it’s long been the moonshot of distance running, a feat at the very limits of athletic achievement. When a much-publicized attempt led... Read More
  • pink and red illustration of an invasive seaweed
    - Red Alert
    Walk along a beach in New England, and chances are you’ll encounter piles of fine red seaweed washed up in drifts at the waterline. While it may look harmless enough, the fiber-... Read More
  • Large computerized instrument, a sorting flow cytometer
    - Cell Sorter
    Need your cells sorted? The University Instrumentation Center’s new sorting flow cytometer can help. Read More
  • Icebreaker Healy in Arctic
    - Northwest Passage
    For two days in March, UNH will be the epicenter for discussions about how New England will respond to changes in the Arctic. Read More
  • UNH professor Kelley Thomas
    - Lab Luminary
    Kelley Thomas has been designated a STEM Exemplar by the P.I. Program. Read More
  • map of ocean floor
    - Prize on the Bottom of the Sea
    A team of UNH-trained hydrographers are in the running for the $7 million Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE.  Read More