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Building Stronger Workforce Alliances for BioFabrication & BioEngineering through K-12 Education & Enrichment

This project will provide an awareness campaign and science education support to teachers and youth in New Hampshire. Through the collaboration of experts in bioengineering and regenerative medicine with trained Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) education consultants, four curriculum storylines (modules) will be designed. The storylines will advance students’ understanding of biofabrication and include access to scientist videos demonstrating the exciting and passionate work, skills and thinking they use in their work. The elementary modules will provide inquiry-based lessons and activities that increase students’ foundation in the practices and content that support this science understanding. The middle and high school modules will advance the learning with a problem-solving approach to engage students with the potential of biofabrication to regenerate cells, tissues, and organs. The modules will support current educational needs for Next Generation Science Standards and highlight BioFabrication as a rapidly growing field that requires collaboration and communication across the STEM disciplines. Click HERE for more detailed project design information.

BioFab/NGSS Scientist Video Profiles

The BioFab Educational Workforce Development (EWD) Project includes a series of videos helping secondary students to learn about the practices of scientists, engineers, technicians, and other professionals in the BioFab Industry. Each video will feature a "young-ish professional" with a variety of backgrounds and journeys in their career. Although the NGSS Science & Engineering Practices overlap considerably, you will find that each video highlights a particular area. Each of the videos will include on-the- job scenes that help our middle and high school students learn about each person's work, stories about how the individuals' education and career paths developed, and reflection on why they are so passionate about their work on the cutting edge of science. 

Asking Questions and Defining Problems

Constructing Explanations

Planning and Carrying Out Investigations

Engaging in Argument

Developing and Using Models

Analyzing & Interpreting Data

Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information

Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking

PK-2 Storyline Lesson

6-8 Middle Grades Storyline

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9 - 12 High School Storyline


For more information contact:
Barbara A. Hopkins, Project Manager, at or (603) 834-3527