Search Committee Information

Alex Walker, chairman of the University System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees, has appointed the following individuals to the UNH Presidential Search Committee:

  • Jamie Burnett, Search Committee Chair, USNH Trustee and Vice Chair of the Board      
  • Cathy Green, Search Committee Vice Chair, USNH Trustee
  • Kass Ardinger, Secretary, USNH Trustee
  • Kevin Knarr, USNH Trustee
  • Katie Bouton, Vice Chair, UNH Foundation Board
  • Gina Damiano, UNH Professional, Administrative & Technical Council Chair
  • Sam Despins, UNH Alumni Board
  • Michele Dillon, Dean, UNH College of Liberal Arts
  • Vidya Sundar, UNH Faculty Senate Chair
  • Marc Laferriere, UNH Undergraduate Student Representative
  • Amy Loader, UNH Cooperative Extension
  • Michael McCann, UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law
  • Wendy Monroe, UNH Operating Staff Council Chair
  • Olesia Pavlenko, Graduate Student Representative
  • Nadine Petty, UNH Chief Diversity Officer
  • Bill Troy, UNH-M Senior Lecturer

The committee will be assisted in their work by Issacson, Miller, one of the country's premier executive search firms.