The Future of UNH: Building Financial Strength

The Future of UNH: Building Financial Strength
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To help UNH be a national leader in financial strength, one of its four strategic priorities, the university partnered with the Huron Consulting Group to conduct an in-depth financial analysis across all academic and administrative areas. Huron's work began in September 2019 and a final report was released in January 2020. This work is helping UNH to better align its budget and resources with its strategic priorities, which will help make the university more affordable for students and deliver greater value to those it serves.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will consist of four teams focused on executive activities, revenues and expenses, academic program costs, and data support.

Executive Team

  • Wayne Jones, Provost
  • Chris Clement, COO
  • Cathy Provencher, Interim CFO
  • P. Vasudevan, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Bill Poirier, CIO
  • Debbie Dutton, VP for Advancement
  • Scott Ollinger, Faculty Senate, COLSA

Revenue and Expense Team

  • Deborah Merrill-Sands, Paul
  • Louise Griffin, Research
  • Amy Wack, BSC
  • David May, OBA
  • Betty Schmid, OS Rep
  • Alexandra Padilla, Grad Student

Academic Program Costs Team

  • Michele Dillon, COLA
  • Sarah Connor, Provost office
  • David Matta, BSC
  • Anne Broussard, HHS and ASAC
  • Karen Graham, CEPS
  • Ethan McClanahan, undergraduate

Support Team​

  • Kerry Scala
  • Kathy Neils
  • Jackie Snow
  • Mica Stark