Research Articles

Research articles describe research and creative projects in all the disciplines and are authored by UNH undergraduates or recent graduates in collaboration with Inquiry student and staff editors. They should not exceed 2500 words (excluding bibliography). These articles are based on research reports or essays written for a course or independent study. Because of the relatively short length and general audience of research articles, their authors often choose to narrow or refocus their original text. The research experience is held to be as important as research results.

—Peter Haber (Mentor: William Clyde)
Peter’s research on Patagonian rock samples helps verify a new South American site for studying the mass extinction event that killed dinosaurs. Learn More
—Dena Hoffman (Mentor: John Aber)
Is it possible to run a greenhouse on heat generated from a compost pile? Environmental sciences major Dena Hoffman finds out. Learn More
—Bri McGrath (Mentor: Gene Harkless, Lynda Toussaint)
Bri visited the innovative Unjani Clinics in South Africa to learn how this model brings high-quality primary health care to underserved communities. Learn More
—Hannah Miller (Mentor: Anne Lightbody)
A civil engineering student, Hannah studied sediment contamination impounded at two local dams in Durham, New Hampshire. Learn More
—Darby O’Neil (Mentor: Svetlana Peshkova, Nurseit Niyazbekov)
Darby spent two months in Kazakhstan analyzing how the country’s evolving gender roles are portrayed in popular magazines and on billboard images. Learn More
—Annelise Papinsick (Mentor: Rose Pruiksma)
Annelise’s multipronged research on teaching piano brings light to the pedagogical works of a little-known female composer. Learn More
—Niki Toy-Caron (Mentor: John Cerullo)
Niki researched how Henry VIII’s wives and daughters used clothing to advance their political and personal agendas. Learn More
—Bonnie Turek (Mentor: Kevin Gardner)
Learning about the use of drones to study river ecology inspired Bonnie to research the Bellamy River’s response to dam removal. Learn More
—Dylan Wheeler (Mentor: Nick Smith)
Dylan explains how fake content is made and disseminated online and offers advice on identifying what is real. Learn More