Social Justice Educator Training

What is Social Justice Education?

Social Justice Education (SJE) is a professional development opportunity for UNH faculty, staff and graduate students to further diversity awareness, knowledge and skill sets allowing for critical analysis of the services we provide, and of the relational dynamics we seek in a diverse institution. We will explore “social justice” via personal and institutional lenses to analyze: power and privilege, discrimination and prejudice, inclusion and equity through the multiple social identities of race, gender, sexual orientation, class, nationality, ethnicity, ability (physical and mental), religion, etc. This process will include open and honest discussions, readings, and interactive/experiential activities in a respectful environment. The eight hour training is facilitated in small-group settings (maximum of 25).

Here's what previous participants said about the workshop

A safe environment for people to start their exploration and reflection on social justice issues.

A conversation not a lecture where my voice and experience was valued.

Time well spent.  Important work given where we are as a society.

A workshop that offers tools that can (and should) be used to better work with others in any context.

A workshop that provides great resources, eye opening perspectives and ideas to facilitate similar discussions.

Much needed training for everyone on campus.

Informative and eye opening

Great opportunity to become more aware of issues and walk away with tools to continue growing

Workshop provided an opportunity to step back from my day to day work to think about how to create a more equitable community.

When is the Next SJE Training?