Current Initiatives

The Commission is a vibrant group with significant sharing of ideas, vigorous discussion and brainstorming, and serves as a nexus for several different groups on campus.  Perhaps the greatest strength of the group is its diversity in terms of individual members and of groups represented.  The Commission serves as an important meeting and workplace for groups representing graduate students, undergraduate students, service groups, faculty, staff, and alumni.  The fabric of the membership is truly unique and valued. In addition, the Commission is known across campus and beyond as the place to go when an issue affecting the GLBT community is raised. 

Commission Goals and Working Groups

a. Commission Events: The principle task of this Working Group is collaborating in the design, planning and promotion of the annual Kidder Lecture Series and the Annual LGBTQ+ Pancake Breakfast and awards celebration, as well as any other Commission related events.

b. LGBQA+ Policy and Climate: This working group, is tasked with reviewing the most recent LGBQ+ climate survey; working to propose implementing changes on campus as recommended on that survey and as needs arise on campus; updating a needs assessment regarding LGBIQA+ climate for students, staff and faculty; as well as connecting with local Seacoast LGBQA+ organizations to promote collaboration in policy and climate work.

c. Transgender Policy and Climate Committee (TPACC):  this group strives to partner with campus departments to develop policies that improve the UNH climate for trans-identified students, faculty and staff. Work has included improving and expanding health care for transgender students, creating preferred name and pronoun options in campus records, and facilitating greater inclusion for trans athletes in campus recreation. Additional work centers on LGBTIQA+ programming, educating the UNH community on trans issues, and bolstering transgender visibility and support on campus. Finally, TPACC works to solicit feedback from the community to guide its work in making UNH an inclusive and trans-affirming environment.

d. Social Media: This working group is tasked with addressing the Commission's online presence; discussing the possibility of a Twitter/Facebook group; as well as making revisions to the TAG email list-serv for LGBTQA+ and Ally faculty and staff.

e. Professional Development: This working group will review current programs and determine, coordinate, and share information about options for professional development opportunities for faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students that advance understanding of LGBTQA+ topics. This includes, but is not limited to, initiatives such as the UNH Safe Zones trainings, guest presenters, and workshops held at UNH, as well as sharing information about off-campus training and conferences, and potential scholarships to attend opportunities that are relevant to current and future professional work.