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These awards will recognize our community/campus leaders, who are promoting equity and making positive changes for people of color.  Each awardee/group will receive $100.  Each year, (1) student, staff, faculty and group/organization will be recognized.

Student Award:  The award will be given to a currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student who has demonstrated leadership in inclusive and collaborative efforts to raise awareness about and promote positive change for the experience of people of color on campus. Nominees should be active participants in university life and have acted as a role model in advocating for diversity and inclusion.

Faculty/Staff Award: The award will be given to a current faculty or staff person who has sought out creative ways to foster inclusivity within their assigned work responsibilities.  Nominees should have encouraged and furthered conversations about race within a larger dialogue of social identities; championed issues of social justice, engaged in efforts to infuse issues of diversity and inclusion into their curriculum, teaching, research, advertising, or administrative work; and actively supported initiatives related to supporting people of color on campus.

Organization Award: This award will be given to a UNH organization that has leveraged the resources of the organization to make powerful change in support of people of color on the UNH campus and/or in the local community.  Nominees should have provided or created programming or initiatives aimed at making their community more inclusive and welcoming, and helped to ensure a place or space in which different cultural traditions can flourish, be sustained, and contribute to the education of our community.

Awards will be presented at the CED Colleagues Lunch scheduled for April 4, 2018

Do you know a person or organization that promotes empowerment and inclusion?

Below is one of the many ways in which the commissions come together each year to honor students, staff, faculty and organizations seeking to promote a diverse campus community of inclusion.  Please help us honor and celebrate the work to foster continued progress toward respectful attitudes, behaviors and standards and lessen fear around difference.

Nomination Form

Deadline for nominations: Midnight, March 11, 2018


Summary of 2018 Award Ceremony and Award Recipient

Previous Award Recipients

Gabrielle Greaves (undergraduate student)

Fred and Freddye Ross (Community  Service  Award)

Southern New Hampshire Organization for Black Unity (Community Service Award)

Margaret Pobywajlo (Community Service Award)