Welcome CDO and Associate Vice President

Vision Statement

The Office of Community Equity, and Diversity inspires individual and community growth toward building an inclusive and equitable living and learning environment. We encourage our campus and community partners  to understand themselves and others through self-reflection and collaborative work. Our programs and practices, grounded in anti-discrimination and anti-racism, cultivate opportunities for all to flourish.

Nadine Petty

Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice President for Community, Equity and Diversity

Nadine Petty portrait

Having spent her early formative years in Jamaica, Dr. Nadine Petty comes to UNH with an international lens. Nadine has over twenty years of experience in educational settings, including fourteen years in higher education. For the majority of her personal life and professional career, she has devoted herself to a wide-range of diversity and social justice causes and endeavors which include teaching cultural ethnography in college classrooms, serving on and leading various diversity-related committees and boards, creating and strengthening services for individuals with marginalized identities, and providing numerous interactive diversity and social justice workshops and trainings to students, colleagues, and community members.

Prior to arriving at UNH, Nadine served as Executive Director of the Center for Diversity and Enrichment at the University of Iowa, where she led a large team of staff dedicated to the success of students with marginalized identities. Although she has been immersed in diversity, equity, and inclusion work for many years, Nadine believes she has only begun to scratch the surface of available knowledge and research, viewing herself as a lifelong learner and devotee of diversity and social justice issues. Nadine looks forward to working with her UNH colleagues in bridging gaps and creating meaningful impact, so that UNH can continue to develop its presence and identify as a highly informed and compassionate campus community where students, faculty, and staff can thrive, regardless of our backgrounds.