Presidential Task Force on Campus Climate

"My charge to the presidential Task Force on Campus Climate is to identify issues of race, inclusion and civility on our campuses and to make recommendations for action.  I would like the task force to review existing initiatives and to identify any gaps that need to be addressed.  The task force should also make recommendations to improve the process by which ongoing efforts are coordinated, monitored, assessed, and communicated to our community.  Because the issues the task force must address touch every corner of the university, extensive engagement with our community is essential.  I therefore expect the task force to reach out to and involve the entire UNH community in its work.   (President Huddleston's Charge to the Presidential Task Force, August 2017).  Read the press release


This report provides a vantage from which to view progress and consider steps towards continued growth and will inform our ongoing efforts to address issues of community, equity and diversity. More specifically, the purpose of this report is threefold: 1) to provide a vantage from which to view institutional progress with regard to diversity and equity efforts, 2) to articulate and make visible some of the challenges and obstacles that may impede further progress, and 3) to provide a set of recommendations that include action steps, metrics for monitoring progress, and lines of accountability.

Read the Full Report and Recommendations from the Presidential Task Force